I will walk in LOVE, just as You

have loved me and gave Yourself for me.

I once walked in DARKNESS,

but now You have given me Your LIGHT.


Now, I can walk in light, in goodness,

righteousness and TRUTH,

because of all You have done for me.

And I know this makes your heart glad.


As I walk in the light of Your love

I will expose the works of darkness,

The things done in secret

that only produce heartache and sadness.


Let Your Light shine on them

so that those who walk in darkness may wake up

and come back to life

to walk in the Light of Christ.


As for me, I will walk as the wise,

making the most of the time.

Rather than being drunk with wine,

I will be filled with Your Spirit.


I will sing of Your goodness and worship You,

Praising You with new songs on my lips,

making melody in my heart to You,

giving thanks to You always, for all things.



DTS Staff

This poem or psalm is the result of an activity we did on the DTS one morning in our worship time. We meditated individually on Ephesians 5 and then each of us wrote a text or a psalm based on what God had spoken to us through the passage of Scripture.

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